Remember that song by the J. Geils Band?  One of my favorites, along with Freeze Frame of course.  (now you know I’m a kid of the 80′s!)  Guests Matt and Jessica just stayed at Interlaken for 3 nights, ending their last night at a concert at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT with none other Peter Wolf, lead singer of the J. Geils Band!  Matt and Jessica said the show was great, and that theaters like Infinity just don’t exist anymore.   Infinity hosts shows year round – click here to see their entire schedule to find a show that may take you back to younger days (as Peter Wolf would for me!)

Matt and Jessica decided to take a break from their home in Manhattan before Thanksgiving and come and visit this beautiful part of the country.   In addition to the Infinity Hall “Night on the Town” package, they also chose the Millbrook Vineyard Tour package another night of their stay.  This gave them tickets to the Vineyard along with dinner for two in Morgan’s (which they told me was “excellent”) , two glasses of wine (most likely a Millbrook selection!), continental breakfast for two and of course their overnight accommodations.  They had a good time traveling in the area checking out other vineyards, other restaurants (Matt said @ the corner in Litchfield was fantastic) and just relaxing in the country!  A well needed break for the two of them.

If you need a break with your sweetheart, then maybe Interlaken is the place for you.  We’ve got many packages to offer, many great places to eat in addition to Morgan’s, great vineyards, great concerts, much antiquing, many hiking trails, great local shopping, and wonderful fresh air for you to enjoy!

Click here to view all of the packages we offer!


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