Saxon's Stay at Interlaken

Saxon, a very handsome Ariedale Terrier, stays at Interlaken quite often.  This past weekend he visited us with his parents (celebrating their 20th anniversary) and attended the Little Guild Gala, celebrating their 50th anniversary.  If you attended the Gala, then you may have met him as he was tending the AKC Good Canine Citizen Test booth with his owner.  Let’s see what Saxon’s weekend was like at Interlaken!


Welcome to Yappy Hour!


Modeling at the Interlaken Lakefront

Modeling at the Interlaken Lakefront

Interlaken - busy day at the Gala

Exhausted after the fun festivities at the Gala!

Interlaken pet friendly

I'd like to check in please.


Pet friendly check-in at Interlaken

At your service!

Interlaken Saxon & Steph

What's so funny, Steph?

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